Danny Phantom, writing, puns, and unnecessary updates on my life. Usually in that order.
Phantom of Truth
Rated: PG-13
With Phantom as her own personal test subject, nothing stands between Maddie and the truth... except, perhaps, herself.
Shadow of A Doubt
Rated: PG-13
It was over. The lab, the experiments, the secrets, all of that was in the past. Wasn't it? Sequel to Phantom of Truth.
It Takes You
Rated: R
It was nameless, stalking in the shadows, in the corner of his eye. If only Danny could see its face... Horror fic. Collab with Anneriawings.
  • Beginning of Danny Phantom: The Fentons are ghost hunters who never see ghosts and are thought of as crackpots. Danny falls through floors because he can't control his powers. The trio has to fight angry lunch ladies and box fanatics. Episodes are fun adventures with lessons about bullying or w/e.
  • End of Danny Phantom: Ghosts everywhere. The mayor is a ghost. There is a government ghost hunting division. Danny can defeat the entire ghostzone with his voice. The trio has to fight an evil future version of Danny that straps them to a vat of hot sauce left to explode and a planet destroying asteroid. Vlad Masters tries to murder a 12-year-old.


***draw ghost to not think about ghosts**

Anonymous said —
❝ do you have any DP fic recs? I've been looking around but I'm weirdly having trouble finding things D: ❞


I’ve got a list here. It’s not everything I’ve read and enjoyed but it’s quite a bit.

corpsecolored you were looking for fic recs?


Please don’t ask questions about this.


meh T 3 T


A thing from a few months ago


experimenting with things


enough realism i need to draw some cuties now XD

FFnet’s Top Ten—#4


Fourth Most Reviewed:

  • Nova Shots by Cordria
    Summary:  A collection of short stories. Now playing: Hidden Desires. Danny is slowly finding his sanity and his moral center slip away. He needs help, but he turns to the wrong person first.
    Rating: T
    Genre: N/A
    Chapters: 90
    Word count: 215K
    Reviews: 2049 (as of July 2014)
    Status: WIP

Fourth Most Favorited:

  • Deathday Revelations by Angel Baby1
    Summary:  Just shy of his second year, Danny learns of a custom meant to honor the day each ghost first entered the next world. Now, the great Danny Phantom must face a throng of well meaning ghosts and somehow survive their gifts with his secret and sanity intact.
    Rating: K+
    Genre: Humor
    Chapters: 1
    Word count: 7K
    Favorites: 1319 (as of July 2014)
    Status: Complete

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prompted me to draw ember

My scanner is still broken so have a shitty photo of the drawing! :D