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Phantom of Truth
Rated: PG-13
With Phantom as her own personal test subject, nothing stands between Maddie and the truth... except, perhaps, herself.
Shadow of A Doubt
Rated: PG-13
It was over. The lab, the experiments, the secrets, all of that was in the past. Wasn't it? Sequel to Phantom of Truth.
It Takes You
Rated: R
It was nameless, stalking in the shadows, in the corner of his eye. If only Danny could see its face... Horror fic. Collab with Anneriawings.

panfan87 replied to your post: SoaD Ch. 13 has been beta read and I’m…

You can do it! By the way, loved the update to roughing it!

*belated response*

Oh, thank you! ^-^

SoaD Ch. 13 has been beta read and I’m creeping through the edits. It mostly needs vivification, I think… if I can drag my brain out of the sludge of life long enough to make that happen. 

Chapter 3 is up! Even though FFn is being an annoying butt and not sending out email alerts. *muttergrumble*

Sometimes the biggest obstacle between me and posting something is writing the author’s note… and the not-responding-to-reviews guilt… sigh.


I dont even know where i was going with this

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From the Ashes Part 2


(Part 1

Danny’s returned from the hospital seemingly healthy. But the discovery of bone shards and seven unmarked graves on Vlad Masters’ property has him on edge. Warning for disturbing themes

Danny flew through his own window and landed with a muted thud on the carpet. His landing hadn’t been quite perfect, and he wobbled a bit. The hand gripping the bone fragment spiraled forward. Danny felt that familiar wrench in his stomach that came with falling, but he righted himself just in time. The hospital had taken more out of him than he’d thought.


His head snapped to attention. He’d almost forgotten his two friends dueling it out on the X-box. The TV now displayed only fizzling static. The controllers were tossed carelessly on the carpet. It was Sam who spoke, and she stood maybe three feet away with her phone clutched painfully tight in white hands. Danny’s stomach dropped at the look on her face.

"Hey," Danny offered. He ran his free hand through his hair to flatten it.

"That was not ten minutes." Sam’s voice was choked with something between panic and anger. “What happened? Did you pass out again? I knew me and Tucker should have gone with you.” Her eyes roved over him, inspecting, evaluating. 

"What? —No, no I’m fine." A hot flush spread over Danny’s cheeks. He looked away in guilt. "I guess I promised I’d be back in ten minutes, huh?"

"What happened?" Sam asked again. Fear this time, definitely. Her anger had been a good cover, but it was fading.

"We were afraid you might have…you know," Tucker motioned across his neck. He made a squelching sound with the back of his throat.

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illustration for haikujitsu's story Shadow of a Doubt ( <3! ) not sure i can point to a precise moment in the fic here (doublechecked and realized jazz is in the doorway at the scene i was thinking of blargh) but the general feeling of it turned out how i wanted! hope you like it dear and everyone else GO READ IT

because my husband and i are such gigantic nerds that on our flipping honeymoon we still make time to chill on the couch together drawing fanart and painting war machine game pieces 

Aaaaah! Thank you!

This could work for three different scenes actually. There’s a lot of Maddie/Jazz interaction the kitchen for some reason.

Crappy photos, but this is the (100% functional ghost detecting) Ecto-1 from Carolina Ghostbusters. Cruisin’ up I-85, ghostbustin’ dude in full uniform at the wheel.

Fanfic Rec: Running Blind


Running Blind by Dejah Thoris of Mars. Crossover with CSI (don’t need to have watched to get the gist of what’s going on). Completed July 2006.

Something supernatural is killing people in Las Vegas… and it all seems to lead back to a fifteen-year-old runaway named Danny Fenton.

Awesome oneshot that both addresses some of the logical failings in Danny Phantom and examines the emotional impact of Danny’s situation.  Or: Danny encounters some competent adults.  Might be better if you’ve seen the original CSI, but I hadn’t seen it and I followed the story well enough.