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Phantom of Truth
Rated: PG-13
With Phantom as her own personal test subject, nothing stands between Maddie and the truth... except, perhaps, herself.
Shadow of A Doubt
Rated: PG-13
It was over. The lab, the experiments, the secrets, all of that was in the past. Wasn't it? Sequel to Phantom of Truth.
It Takes You
Rated: R
It was nameless, stalking in the shadows, in the corner of his eye. If only Danny could see its face... Horror fic. Collab with Anneriawings.


doodle of Dani yey


Okay but imagine this:

Vlad’s sister is real, and she’s significantly younger than him (he was early, she was a late in life baby, whatever but she’s like 15+ years younger) and she got married round the show’s beginning and later on, Danny noticed “hey Vlad’s not around as much.” So he goes to investigate, and turns out Vlad has his first niece or nephew and he’s just “dude screw you I have an adorable kid to spoil now” and he just adores them, he moves closer and just offers to pay for private schooling and college and plans to take them to anywhere their heart desires cause “ohmygod I fucking love my little niece or nephew!!”

Of course, later on when the kid goes to school, Vlad returns to his villianous ways cause kid’s in school, gotta do something during the day and they need an aunt! Aunt Maddie and cousin Danny is the goal again.


im sick so danny’s sick, no ifs ands or buts about it


my eyes are starting to hurt but i think im starting to get the hang of manga studio again

ill try to do some more soon


I love Dani




These are the requests I got for the action pose practice. I wanted to do DP OCs because there are really those that work hard to prove that it’s more than just a fancharacter.

I love all the OCs from Danny Phantom the most because whoaly fudge.

All of them are transparent for your pleasure!



hmmm drawing Shinobi Danny… I give up… I’m so lazy to make a comic or fanfic or whatever…
and some random sketches :3


…How would one go about pairing Vlad with an OC (an adult >.>) during and after the show’s canon (coughnotcountingPPcough) but not have it the main focus and it be a slow gradual thing?

I mainly mean because of a problem that’s named Vlad’s obsession with Maddie

( ?´_ゝ`)

The same way you’d develop any difficult relationship. Slowly, painfully, and with a lot of author-contrived serendipity.

The pair are forced together by inescapable life circumstances (business partnership, blackmail situation, medical care, everyone else is dead, whatever) and enforced character development ensues. Outright hostility turns into mutual tolerance turns into interdependence and taking each other for granted. This reaches a crisis, a point of no return, and they come through the fire either as friends, lovers, or a bitter couldn’t-have-been. 

Vlad as he is in the series is a twisted man and will never give up his obsession over Maddie. But this is why we have AUs. I like to believe that there’s always hope for people to change. What if Vlad did  encounter someone who had a profound influence on his life? What if something happened that made him face the reality that Maddie would never accept him? What would change? Why?

The problem with not making this the main focus is that it takes such a major, major personality change on Vlad’s part (not impossible, but still drastic). That’s hard to pull of incidentally. Although if the story’s main plot is already tackling Vlad’s personality and deconstructing the aspects that make it difficult for him to have a healthy relationship (egocentrism, bitterness, controlling tendencies, meteor-sized grudge-holding, delusions about Mads), it might work.

It’s not an easy thing to pull off in a satisfying, IC way. Best of luck!


Headcanon that Amity Park real estate agents actually DO have to specify whether the houses for sale are “haunted” or “not haunted.”